“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…” Matthew 25

Hospitality is the name we have given to our lunch program.  Besides a hot and tasty lunch, we also provide access to services and simple needs.  Everyone is invited to come and enjoy hot coffee, a snack, and enjoy each others company.  Television, games, newspapers, and conversation keep us entertained as we await the next round of lunch.


We have a washing machine and dryer available for guests to wash their clothes.  We can accommodate three peoples laundry each morning.  We also have a shower with soap, shampoo and towels available for use.

We provide a place where organizations from around the city can reach out.  Health, legal, housing, and other services find us a useful place to meet with guests in need.

Our Hours

Monday-Friday Lunch Program
Open: 9:00 AM
A Large Urn of Coffee or Tea is available from the time we open until gone or 11:00 AM. whichever comes first.
Meal Tickets are available at 10:00 AM
First Seating – 11:15 AM
Second Seating – 12 Noon (No one will be seated after 12:15 PM)
Close: 12:15 PM
Bag Lunches available  weekdays only; usually after 10:00 AM


Worship Service: 5:00 PM

Open: 9:00 AM Close: 1:30 PM

Sundays at Saint Joe’s
Open 1:30 PM
Meal is buffet style and served at 4:00 PM
Close: 4:45 PM

The Sunday Supper program is a group effort of Saint Joe’s and the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. More here.