Dorothy Day House

Through generous contributions from our donors, and assistance from St. Mary’s Parish, Saint Joe’s and House of Mercy recently purchased a multi-apartment building that is located just across from the House of Hostpitality on South Avenue in Rochester, NY. The Dorothy Day House is a ‘Housing First’ project that is dedicated to eliminate homelessness.

This joint venture with House of Mercy and St. Mary’s Parish attempts to mend the safety net for hard to place men and women. We feel it is truly fruitless to wait until our many needy brothers and sisters have ‘the rent and security’ before we offer them an apartment. All landlords do that. We know that most people who are chronically homeless want decent housing but have not been able to attain the capital to achieve it; nor have they been able to navigate the system so the county can help them out.

Our venture houses citizens, first; accepts them; offers them an advocate. Together, the two decide the best path. We also believe free medical assistance starts immediately. After about a year, when a resident gets on his/her feet, (s)he will make way for a new person matched with a new advocate.

Contact Information for Dorothy Day House:
Telephone: 585-232-3262