Celebrating the Fourth Year of BREAD FOR ALL
Where do you buy your bread?
"Everyone Eats and No One Goes Hungry."


breadAn idea to create work for the men and women who come to St. Joe's has risen, like good bread, into a wonderful reality! BREAD FOR ALL is celebrating the start of Year 4!

We offer on a subscription basis, our delicious, organic loaves: Whole Wheat; Old World White; Raisin-Cinnamon; Focaccia; and Potato.

We have two trainees at a time from the St. Joe's community learning the art of bread-baking and developing a strong resume for employment.

Loaves sell for $4, a modest price. We give away loaves to Bethany House and the House of Mercy, and each week we bake 16 loaves of sliced white bread for St. Joe's along with a healthy dessert to complement a weekday meal for the 100 or more who come for lunch.

Our loaves are baked up in both Large and small sizes, whatever you prefer.

BREAD FOR ALL distributes loaves in a variety of ways. We hope you will give us a call at 775-9135 and take part in this wonderful work of justice: Pick-up at the bakery at Mt Hope and Hamilton St.; Monday and Tuesday Bicycle delivery in the Southwedge neighborhood. Perhaps you can see fit to have a breadbox on your porch and a few neighbors you know can order their bread and pick it up from your breadbox (we will provide you with a breadbox). Organize 20 or so subscribers from your church and we'll deliver fresh loaves to you on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

As you know, the Catholic Worker Movement has had a rich tradition of promoting a distributist economic model: small-scale; hand work; local; fair. We think BREAD FOR ALL stands out in the Catholic Worker circles as a fine example of what Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day envisioned. Give us a call at 775-9135 and take part in this wonderful work of justice.

breadWant to volunteer?
We depend on our crack team of volunteer bakers who have great fun changing the world one loaf at a time. Give Paul a call at 775-9135.

Where to buy our bread-
BFA Bread is also for sale at:
- Abundance Cooperative Market on 62 Marshall St., just off of Monroe Avenue
- West Avenue Public Market on Tuesdays. (Behind St. Monica's on 841 Genesee St.) - South Wedge Market on Thursdays (Behind Boulder Coffee, Corner of S. Clinton Ave.and Alexander St.)

What's Our Mission?
The bakers-in-training learn a skill that will help them secure full-time employment, a key reason for our bakery project. And our Community Supported Bakery subscribers experience their great-tasting bread every week.
How Much Does an Individual Subscription Cost?
$40.00 for a 10-Week Bread Subscription
What Do Subscribers Receive?
Every week, a subscriber will receive a pound-and-a-half loaf of delicious, nutritious whole wheat bread. For the second subscription period of 2011, we are offering a little variety. Every three weeks, we will be providing a Cinnamon and Raisin Whole Wheat Loaf.
Where Do You Pick Up the Bread?
Pick up will be every Monday, 5-7 PM and Tuesday, 2-4 PM at Saint Joe's, 402 South Avenue, Rochester, NY
(Ask about our new neighborhood delivery service.)

How do you sign up?
Click on the appropriate "Form" graphic below to open a PDF that you can print out, fill out and mail to us.
Belong to a church or a group?
We say, "Let Them Eat Bread". For organizations with 20 or more subscriptions, we will deliver to your location. The price for groups is $43.00 per subscriber for a 10-week period.
In addition to enjoying great tasting bread, your members makes it possible for us to produce additional fresh loves for those who can't afford a loaf.
'Everyone eats well; no one goes hungry.'
How do your members sign up?
See the link below for the form for members of participating churches and organizations.

BFA VidClick to view "An Introduction to Bread for All" on You Tube below and meet our starring bakers and volunteers.
Volunteers Wanted!
Contact us at 775-9135 to become a BFA Volunteer Baker.

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a Dan Berrigan Poem that eloquently answers the question: why should we care to feed the hungry.

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